Growing up in an Indian household we have come across many rules surrounding lingerie. Right from not buying lingerie from a man to laces not being the ideal bra material, we have seen it all. Some of the myths surrounding bras are so funny that we toppled on the floor laughing. Here are a few for you.

    1. Every girl must own only black, white and beige bras

If the world really revolved around these colors, we wouldn’t have any art! Go out experiment with different colours. Try the candy colours and pastel shades. Go bold.

    1. Never let your bra strap show

Showing your bra strap is equivalent to committing a crime, which I say you should! Let your vibrant colours show, you haven’t paid a bomb for them not to show.

    1. A D cup is a huge size

When talking about sizes, let’s just say, it doesn’t matter. Taking cup size into perspective to measure is invalid; it is usually the band size that truly matters.

    1. There is only one way to measure your size

As opposed to this, there are many other ways to get your size. More than measurements, it is the fit that matters. Different fabrics provide different fits. Choose what is best for you.

    1. Bras should disappear beneath your clothes

If flaunting your strap is a crime, having your bra show under a sheer outfit is the end game. Be confident in what your wear and walk with your head held high. Show off your bra with confidence.

Ultimately what matters is how comfortable you feel in the clothing you are wearing. Wear what suits you best, whether it is a plain beige or a frilly pink.