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What can be the story behind a lingerie brand that was incepted in the 70s? Bringing hottest fashion lingerie at an incredible value was a defiance not every brand would want to face. And amidst the chokers, the flair sleeves and bell-bottom pants, there came a time to redefine the feeling of “feeling luxurious.” The 70s brought major fashion goals for women and Sonari followed its hunch of making a modernista feel sexy and confident from the inside.

Our founders Mr. Bhogilal Kubadia and Mr. Dhiraj Kubadia put their first machine in the glorious town of Vadodara, to stitch a brand that became timeless. Very soon, it turned to the jazz of those days and every woman in the town was talking about it.

Our brand building is no less than a fancy tale when we say that it was just the word of mouth that gave us a special place in many hearts by the early 90s. Post that, we were ready to travel all new directions and Sonari went through major expansions. By the year 2000, we were selling some exotic lingerie in almost every state.

What made us stand apart was the “feeling” our lingerie would give and with that of course the impeccable quality and the right fit added to a woman’s “feel good” desire. We aspire to make “her” embrace what she is and fall in love with the woman who carries a Sonari!