If there is one thing that every girl must get right that is her bra size! Finding a ‘bra that fits comfortably’ is as difficult as finding water in a desert. For some women it comes easy, they find their go-to bra the very first time. However, others struggle to find the best mix of comfort, style, and shape. We have collated a few key points to keep in mind every time you go lingerie shopping!

Don’t let the wire dig deep – Don’t spend all day writhing with pain from the underwire. Always ensure that the underwire isn’t digging too deep. At the same time, make sure there isn’t any bulging from any sides. If you are bulging then go up a cup size.

Don’t restrict yourself–With so many options available, don’t be stuck to the bra that makes you want to take it off every two minutes. The band of the brand provides maximum support and hence needs to be of the perfect size. Always start with the loosest hook so that as it wears off you can rely on the other two hooks. If the last hook is too tight then you need to go up a band size.

Let it sit – The center of mid-space must always sit comfortably. In case it does stand out, then go up a cup size.

Keep it even–If the band is going up your back and your boobs are going south, try a smaller band size, if the cup fits, remember to go up in the cup. If the band is too tight, go up a back size and down in the cup.

Strap it right–Don’t let your straps droop off your shoulder or dig deep in your shoulders. An inch of stretch room at the top of your shoulders is the way to go.

Different bra styles will fit differently, find what works the best for you. Get to know your size, try out a lot of options and then settle for the best one! At Sonari,  we have affordable styles for you to try out. Whether you’re looking to dazzle at an evening out or sweat it out in the gym, we have the right style and fit for you.