Are you always confused about your measurements when lingerie shopping? Don’t be! We have the perfect solution for you. Measuring your bra size is easier than buying the right one. The key to getting the right bra is one that gives you support, shape and defines your body. Don't be too constrained by ideal fit and measurement techniques.

If your bra is too tight or digs in then check your measurements before deciding on a new size or style. Measuring with a body tape measure gives you a good starting point for your size.

There are two steps. The first, measure yourself with a tape measure and the second, check for comfort. We call this latter step our bra size and fit checklist.

Take your Measurements with a Tape Measure

You will need to take three measurements for your bra size, two for your band and one for your cup.

Measurement 1: To measure the first band location, wrap the tape around you and tuck it under your arms. Measure at the middle of your chest.

Measurement 2: The next band measurement is at the bottom of your bust. Wrap the tape around your body and across the top of your ribcage to complete it. This measure is the size of the bra band you need.  If you land an odd number for either measurement, then round it up to the nearest even number.

Measurement 3: Measure loosely around your bust. Be sure to place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts.

Now we’ll do some basic math!

Subtract the first band measurement (the one under your arm) from your bust measurement. The difference between these measures gives your cup size - each inch represents a cup size.

So if I measured 34 inches in my band and 38 inches in my bust, then I’m a D cup.

Once you have your measurements, try on bras in different styles for comfort. Each bra style and type will cover, cup, and lift differently, so you need to check a few.

Get yourself measured every three months to determine your size.  Measuring is only half the solution to finding your size. The other half is checking for comfort and fit. Take your measurements carefully then try on a few bra styles in your size range.